Meditating and Happiness

I feel DELICIOUS today!! Why? I think the short answer is, “I’m meditating”. The long answer is, with going to the health club every day (only 15 minutes on cardio days, and 25 minutes on weight training days!), doing tai chi, and my sitting meditations, my back feels stronger and my brain feels more oxygenated.

I used to think that sitting meditation was simply sitting, hands on knees, tongue on the roof of the palate, mouth open a tiny bit, breathing from the mouth. That’s part of it, but I’ve since learned that there’s more to the sitting posture. The back must be straight and the arms held out a bit, as though you had an egg in your armpit. (Now instead of palms on my knees, I hold my hands in front of me with thumbs lightly touching.) This opens your abdominal cavity to make your breathing easier. And your head should be held high but tilt down a little so that the back of your neck gets a stretch. This opens up the circulatory channels into your head.

For the longest time this positioning was uncomfortable and I didn’t understand. Maybe it’s because my posture wasn’t strong enough to support it. Now, with tai chi, and my standing wuji practice, and my workouts at the health club, I think my body has come to accept the directed sitting meditation form. I still tire after 20-30 minutes of sitting, and when that happens I lie down in bed and meditate myself to sleep. Last night I almost felt the oxygen flowing into my brain as I sat. I lay down in bed and fell asleep meditating and when I woke up this morning, I felt remarkably healthy and happy.

This goes to show that a good meditation isn’t just in the mind, but is closely dependent upon the body. Healthy and happy is a positive motivator for good living. What would the world be like if we all felt healthy and happy every day, I wonder?

Meditating and Happiness

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