What a beautiful snowy day! I’m just back from 1/2 hour of cross-country skiing. During the summers, with the humidity, the bugs and ticks and neverending black flies, deer ticks, and mosquitoes I can’t believe I was stupid enough to move here. On days like today I can’t believe I live here. Words can’t describe the utter serenity a snowy white world is. Wintertime is when I understand why I moved to New England from a pristine warm and sunny climate all those years ago.
And yet, as Sensei tells me, to every Yin there’s a Yang — an opposite force. On the one hand, the world is virginal and lovely. On the other hand, one never drives the car without snow and ice removal equipment, spare coats, and a cell phone, and one never drives the car mindlessly. Black ice on the road? It’s invisible and deadly. Is the car behind you doing a slow skid into your back end? Is the car beside you being driven by someone who doesn’t understand the concept of no-traction? Are you going someplace that is now going to have 50% less parking because of either parking bands or 6-foot piles of snow? Do you have emergency shelters identified for when your electricity goes out (which means no water, no cooking, and no heat) and the weather is 10 degrees. Are you prepared for yet another snow storm just when you’ve decided you are sick and tired of freezing your ass off?
But even with all of that Yang to balance the Yin of winter, all in all winter is “me” all over. I adore watching flakes of snow floating down from the sky. I love snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. I love how the entire world magically becomes expansive and barren and other-worldly.


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