The Yin and the Yang of the World

I’m just back from a walk through the woods with my dog, trudging through the snow as it fell from the sky in blustery winds. My dog, who is a short-haired rescue from the tropical island of Anguilla dashed back to the house when we were about 1/4 mile away from the turn off the main path.

I thought about the yin and yang of the world as I watched him race to the back door to go back in to the warmth and comfort of his bed.

What would the world be like if we all accepted it as a condition of balance instead of trying to manipulate it into some static definition of “perfect” as defined by the eye of the beholder. Would we stop our massive abuse of resources and instead consolidate our efforts into being a part of a living, breathing unit — not just of us humans, but of everything: sentient and non-sentient beings. What if the coat I wear didn’t come from the department store but instead came from a bear who died, whose meat we ate for food one winter, and the coat wasn’t one of wearing for a couple of winters and then throwing out but was constantly repaired and reworn for years and years?

What if our parents weren’t people we put into nursing homes but a part of our families and a part of a community of people who helped each other and trusted each other and were extended families.

What if we didn’t have cars to drive but walked everywhere? What if we didn’t eat doritos and canned chili for dinner but ate wild grown plants and wild caught fish and animals — all shared by the extended family who was our community. And if we refused to eat the “nasty tasting veggies”, we’d risk going hungry because we didn’t have a pantry filled with boxes of instant macaroni and cheese.

What if animals weren’t enemies or slaves but partners that worked with us as a team, symbiotically.

Would this be a better or worse world than the one we currently live in? Have we as a species advanced or regressed?

The Yin and the Yang of the World

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