Living with the Fairy Tale We Call Life

Last night in bed I found myself slipping into a state of mindless meditation.  It was a feeling of complete peace.  It struck me that my yoga is finally entering me into a place of calm.  My yoga sessions are no longer filled with difficult positions and tight muscles, but instead they’ve become positions which float my mind into my body.  A huge kudos for Rodney Yee’s “Moving Toward Balance”, which has been my yoga bible for years!

When my mind races all day, filled with images of sins I’ve committed and not forgiving myself for people I’ve offended in my lifetime, my yoga provides me with a haven that I can go to that is filled with acceptance for myself.  I find that my session gently guides my mind to a place where I can separate it from my body and see that the agitation is sourced in a brain that doesn’t settle.

At the end of every session, there are several meditative positions.  In the final position, I turn off the timer, and turn on the stopwatch so that I can meditation for longer than the 10 minutes that it suggests without an alarm pulling me away.  Last night I meditated on the concept that your mind is in control of so many subtle reactions of your body — minute muscles and nerves.  It’s yoga that has been teaching me this.  The poses give me the time to note with interest that when I start a pose and feel tight, by the end of a minute that pose feels like the most natural thing in the world to me!  That could never be the case if I wasn’t somehow in control of the complex of body tissues required to do that.

We live in such an extremely stressed out and busy world, few people take the time out to just sit in empty silence in order to create a recognition of what’s happening to us.  The busyness of the mind and the constant stresses of the body create a neverending cycle of fiction based upon judgement created by the oh-so-innovative imaginations we have.  The irony is that empty silence, it turns out, is the most fascinating thing in the world!

Living with the Fairy Tale We Call Life

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