The formula for living.  It’s not so black and white, is it?  My formula gets modified daily.  This morning I woke up with a stack of to-do bills and phone calls and forms.  I sat down to do my meditation to clear my mind and strategize my week so I don’t end up in bed, over-stressed.

As always my meditation mind jumped from thoughts to no thoughts, back to thoughts.  One of the things I’ve started to do is imagine telling myself “wait…”.  The Buddha statues on my shelf holding their hands up are telling me “wait”.  So I let things happen and wait.  Like I’m in a doctor’s office.  Initially, I have this expectation that the doctor will call me any minute.  After the minutes pass and I realize he’s behind schedule, my mind settles into my chair, knowing I might be there for a good hour or more.

This morning I was waiting, sorting through the various images I use in my meditating.  I imagined the sacredness of the place that meditation takes me — like an Italian cathedral where there is a sort of musty, ancient smell, and sounds echo.  The walls are lined with majestic statues, stained glass, and the enormous ceilings are covered with intricate paintings.  The altars and the surroundings convey such a depth of respect and personal meaning of spirituality.

I imagined that there was a god.  What form this god is, I can’t even imagine.  Isn’t there godliness in the stability and beauty of a tree?  But I pictured that when I clear my mind of the churn, I’m brought to the place that’s very close to where this god awaits me.


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