Out of Desperation Comes Inspiration

I started to say yesterday that the formula for living (for me) takes so much quiet listening and constant adjustment that I can’t even fathom how people make it through life without meditation or some activity that puts them in a meditative mind.

When you play online games, you meet people who are grocery baggers during the day and they spend the rest of their lives gaming.  They seeth underneath with hatred for anyone online who even slightly crosses them, in the name of this being their psychotherapy for having to cope with a stressful job and directionless, friendless life.

This description may seem like a stretch to some people, but it’s much less of a stretch than you could ever imagine.  There are a lot of people in this world whose minds are so frenzied and never quieted that their emotions spill over into fixations on pettiness.

Even in a non-online world I see this pettiness in people whose lives revolve around anger and resentment.

How does one justify living a life that knows no relief from negativity?  Maybe it just spills into stress-induced heart attacks or cancer or other horrible disease.

Meditation is work and it’s non-work.  It’s both.  It takes a ton of patience to let your mind quiet.  And initially it takes trust to believe that exercise will actually do something life-changing.

A couple of weeks back I was thinking about the quote “out of desperation comes inspiration”.  I guess I can thank my cancer for giving me the desperation to begin both yoga and meditation.  And I can thank my dying mother for giving me the desperation that drove me to commit myself to finding a way to run without inflaming my knee pain.  Maybe it’s desperation that eventually drives most of us to finding better solutions to living a better life.

Out of Desperation Comes Inspiration

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