I woke up this morning to the chilly fall morning air coming through my window, and the soft fur of my dog’s butt cuddled up to mine.  Since starting my running, I’ve noticed something different in him.

Every day I either take him for my long run through the woods or I take him to the track where he waits for me in the car and then we hike the woods next to the track for 1/2 hour.  Driving through my neighborhood I open all of the windows and slow down to 20 mph so that he can stick his little nose out and take in the aromas of the Earth.

He gets so freaky crazy excited about wanting to go for drives, I take him in the car whenever I can now that the weather is cooler and I can leave him safely.

The thing I’m noticing is that instead of the standard midway hold of his tail, he’s holding it high for most of the day — very nearly straight up vertically.  Like the excursions with Mommy are making the rest of his day more joyful.

I wonder if I had a tail, I’d be holding it higher too.


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