$6000 Bicycles and Servants

Monday, and the beginning of another week of Mom’s bills, phone calls, forms, faxing, mailing, and liquidating.

I received a text from bro with lists of first names and hours they spent with Mom along with hourly rates.  Now I have to track down full names and dates and times of service.  90% of everything I do is completing half-assed stuff people do.  Am I the only one here who gives a shit about how Mom’s money is being spent?

Ok, whew, my Monday morning rant is over.  I’ll be better after I finish this post and go do my meditating :p

Yesterday’s bike ride was wonderful.  I pushed myself so hard going out that I destroyed my knees.  But I felt so good.  The leaves floated down and covered the trail, cranes glided over the ponds, I had to laugh when several people were bicycling with carriers where cute little furry faces poked out.

I did have an incident where a car slowed down and then stopped, waiting for me to cross the road.  As I crossed the driver stuck his head out and screamed at me for not coming to a complete stop on my bicycle.  I looked at him and smiled, thinking “I’m really sorry but I simply can’t be in your state of anxiety right now.  The day is much too beautiful and I’m too happy and calm.”  Afterwards I felt badly that I couldn’t come up with an on-the-spot comeback.  I mulled over it and “why didn’t you just run me over if stopping for me was such a hassle?” was the wittiest thing I could come up with.  Since I couldn’t come up with anything better than that it’s just as well I just looked at him and smiled.  I guess a smile response is infuriating enough when you’re having a tantrum at someone.

I hobbled my bike back with a sore butt and painful knees, dying to be done with the ride and imagining how glorious life would be if I had a $6000 road racing bicycle with my own servant to maintain the bike and change my tires when they go flat.  Ah, but such is the suffering of life, one must live without beautiful $6000 bikes and servants who will push them for you when you get tired.

$6000 Bicycles and Servants

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