Krishna, My New Imaginary Friend. “You’re Perfect, Just the Way You Are”

I spent the morning dealing with hate messages from bro for refusing to pay the girls under the table for stuff they’re doing for Mom.  I got worried about how hard he has been pushing me for this so I called my accountant.  It turns out, if you pay people under the table you won’t get thrown in jail, but you’ll get fined if you get audited.  Paying them above-the-board means I need to get a special Tax ID, get them to fill out W4’s, and then I need to withold taxes and Social Security from their pay.

On Friday I’ll get what I have of Mom’s tax records and get this set up with him.  Luckily an accountant can file for any state, they don’t need to physically reside in the particular state they’re filing for (that’s how much I know about taxes!), so the guy that does my personal taxes can help me with this.

So after this is all set up, I’ll have to calculate withholdings every time I pay them, and next year I’ll have to file a 1099 form for each of them.

Plus…. I have to get all of this done without anyone’s cooperation.  This will be fun.

On a more positive note, I threw on rain gear and went out to run in the rain.  It was chilly, and poor puppy went out only long enough to realize he didn’t want to be outside and he ran home and waited for me.

I have a new imaginary friend.  I named him “Krishna”, not at all related to the Hindu god Krisna.  This guy showed up in my meditations.  He looks like an Indian yogi, with one of those Indian head pieces and just a loincloth, and a small, thin body.  He stood past a gate where the ground was covered with something that looked like mist, but it was white light.

Krishna beckoned me to follow him through the gate into the white light, and he said to me, “you’re just perfect the way you are.  You’re perfect.  Exactly. The. Way. You. Are.” and then he bowed his head and said “shhhhh sh sh shhh….” gesturing me to sit down in the quiet with him, and he whispered, “You’re perfect.  Perfect.  Just. The. Way. You. Are.”

I smiled at him, in my meditation, and said, “I’ll call you Krishna.”

He laughed at me and nodded, saying, “ok”.

Krishna, My New Imaginary Friend. “You’re Perfect, Just the Way You Are”

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