Monday Bah!! (The Three Stages of Stress)

I’ve been doing nothing but running around today so far!

I had my chiropractic appointment, and while waiting, I perused the brochures in his office.  One line in a brochure caught my attention.  “Long periods of sitting, financial worries, toxic environments, and many everyday activities can stress your spine.”

“Financial worries and toxic environments, that’s MEEE!”  I thought.

I quoted this to my chiro when I finally met with him, and he explained to me that stress has an actual chemical as well as physiological response.  There are three stages to stress.

The first stage is when your fight-or-flight kicks in.  Your adrenaline pumps, heart rate goes up, etc.  It’s actually a good form of stress.  We get pumped up and engaged.

The second stage of stress is when the stressor keeps pushing us, and we’re in a long-term situation.  All of the physiological and chemical imbalances continue to push us on.

The third stage of stress is when the body becomes overworked and depleted and crashes.  This is when disease and intractable pain occurs.

I haven’t had time to meditate or exercise, I’ve been running to get papers notarized, sending stuff in the mail, overnighting packages, emailing people, getting documentation updated, etc.  I just now sat down to finish my breakfast and coffee.  That lightheaded feeling I get when I’m stressed out and overworked has hit.  I realized I forgot to take my morning antidepressant and aspirin, and it’s already 12:30!

It’s Monday!  bah!  I guess the good new is that tomorrow I see my doctor and will beg him to give me more medication to help with my stress.  My blood pressure needs more of a break than 2 yoga sessions, 2 meditation sessions, and 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise a day are giving me.

Monday Bah!! (The Three Stages of Stress)

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