All About Ativan

My new ativan prescription has been a lifesaver.  It could very well be my imagination, but it is easing every single pain I have and has reduced my hotflashes to insignicant.  I do have a minor complaint that it makes me feel tired and low energy, but I’ve only been taking it for a few days and haven’t figured out the proper dosing for myself.  The 1mg ativan that I take to replace the 18mg ambien tablets I was taking works perfectly  The ambien never quieted my hot flashes it just knocked me out to where they didn’t matter.  I think the Ativan is actually quieting my stress to quiet my hot flashes.  I do my meditation before bed, and then take the ativan 1/4 tablet at a time to spread the medication a bit more.  I wake up 8 hours later with no hangover.  It’s wonderful.

This is the first time ever I’ve tried to treat my back pain and hot flashes with by treating my stress and anxiety directly (instead of with a bunch of antipsychotic meds), and it proves that this has been the root cause.

Even my meditations seem to be calmer — as my mind has gotten calmer, my imaginary friend Krishna has been more distant from me.  I know he’s there, and I see him, in the white mist.  But I feel more independent and able to empty my mind with ease now.

Of course all of this spilling over with wonderfulness is only my first reaction to ativan.  I do feel very very good about it, though.  It carried me through my cancer treatments 11 years ago, and I feel that something in my brain has lost its ability to take stress without blowing up the rest of my physial health.  Coming back to ativan may be the thing that I need, because I can self regulate it during bad moments, and not take it otherwise.

Waking up after a night of ativan is peaceful and relaxing, and the drug stays in my system for the morning, so I haven’t been waking up with my heart pounding with the anticipated stress of the day hovering over me.

I think I’m falling in love with this drug.

Yes, I believe there are spiritual and healthful powerhouses out there who would never ever take a pill for a thing (hubby being one of them).  But I am of the belief that some people need medication help.  We all have a right to happiness and quality of life, by any means.  If ativan can keep me level headed without having to live with chronic pain and awful hot flashes, and keep my mind in a peaceful place, then I believe I have a higher chance of finding my spiritual place in the world.

All About Ativan

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