Do Humans Love?

Well, I got my first employee paycheck out the other day.  I’m still pulling at teeth to get W4’s from the other girls, but I’m thankful one has cooperated with me and let me go through the process of figuring out how to get the check to her, and where all of the various tax and employer fees come from.  It’s a ton of red tape, and without having a company to do this for me, I’d never figure it out.  At the accountant’s suggestion, the girls who never get W4’s back to me are paid and then fired.  It’s a one-shot deal, at a maximum of $600.  Girls who get their W4’s back to me are signed on as employees and from then on can report hours and get regular paychecks.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they don’t think to use resources when they’re in a bind.  Parents all over the world are getting old and going into assisted living and nursing and hospice, and from accountants to case workers to social workers to elderly advocacy groups, there are a ton of people who can help.  People who refuse to ask for help are just putting themself under more stress and more churn trying to find their way around a system that has a process.  I would like to think that at the end of the year or if I ever get audited all I have to do is pull my spreadsheet out and dig out receipts and statements and I’ll get all set.  I also have an appointment with a lawyer so that if anything should ever happen, my own estate is protected and I won’t need to find myself in trouble legally for anything.  It’s quite unfortunate, but I think as much as you’d think family would go through this stuff in a friendly manner, I have a very strong suspicion that most of that time that doesn’t happen.

I hate to say it, but ativan is making my life so much easier.  I can focus on my work and extract the emotional part of it, which makes the work much more objective.  The paperwork is enormous.  It’s like having my own business.  Unfortunately I never would have chosen this line of business for my retirement pleasure.

Yes yes, this is a pre-meditation post!  Let me see if I can come up with a story….  hm.

I’ve been reading online articles about “Do Dogs Love?” and laughing over them.  The hilarity is because, to me, the question is not at all about “Do dogs love?” but “Do People Love?”

“Of course we love!” I can hear some random person responding.

“Prove it,” I respond.

“I love my wife.  I love God.  I love my kids.”  That’s proof enough for me.  “Love means feeling so strongly about someone that you’ll never ever reject them.  It’s unconditional.”

What about birds?  Do they piss each other off and leave each other?  How often has a human declared undying love to someone and then disowned them years later?  What about elderly?  How often have we abandoned our elderly parents after declaring love for them?

How sure are we that we have a handle on this special supernatural feeling that we call “love”?  I contend that the real question is, “Does love even exists, and if so, do humans love?”

Do Humans Love?

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