The Yin and Yang of New England Fall

I can’t believe I’m such a nerd.  I’ve used Emacs as my default text editor for 30 years and spent the entire morning restoring a corrupted version of it because I can’t type a thing without it.  Anyway, Emacs restored, I can now concentrate on stories stories stories and not how the heck to make a paragraph or copy and paste the Windows Weinie’s way.

Well, Mr. Bear is still wandering around my neighborhood.  There was a thread on NextDoor on whether people should continue to put up bird feeders or maybe distract him into the woods by maintaining a feeder deep in the woods somewhere.

I am not a big fan of feeding wildlife in any way, shape, or form — especially using my puppy or my neck.  I didn’t say anything but prayed that reason would shake common sense into everyone and that people would just take their feeders inside and let him wander away.  I think that’s what the conclusion to that thread of the discussion was by default, because as far as I can tell it died off.  There are still daily spottings, however, as he treks around in search of bird feed and pet chihuahuas.

I dreamt about the bear last night.  Pup and I were walking towards a playground and he was there — about 6 feet tall and orange and yellow, looking like a round teddy bear.  He kneeled down to play with Pup, and I called Pup back to me.  Pup recalled very nicely and we walked away.  I was happy he was a nice bear and didn’t eat Pup.

Now that it’s fall, my mind is full of creatures.  A snake held me hostage the other day on the path.  It was about a foot long and dark colored.  He was perfectly still as was I.  I must have stood there for 20 minutes, afraid, while he just lay there staring at me, unmoving.  Then, shaking, I passed him, crossing on the far side of the path, through the poison ivy.  I could barely jog on the path, so more-or-less tip-toed the rest of the way, terrified there were more snakes.  He was gone when I came back.

The next day I was jogging along the path not too far from where the snake was, and I saw a rock.  I should have known better than to look too closely at it, because whenever I study rocks and twigs they turn out to be much much worse things.  This time the rock turned out to be a dead something — shrew maybe.  Right where I would have stepped.  I quickly jerked myself away from it, staring at it as though it were alive and about to eat me.

I watched Pup as he happily dashed up from behind me.  I was sure he would grab a mouth full of rotted slime and run around displaying it as his trophy.  But he was oblivious and ran right past, just as he’d done with the snake.  What’s with this dog?  He’s not doggish at all!

As they say in tai chi, for every Yin there’s a Yang.  My Yin is that the days are magnificant and brilliant — a living work of art and expression of the joy of existence.  The Yang is that under that beautiful bedding of golden leaves on the trail live evil creatures, waiting to eat you.

The Yin and Yang of New England Fall

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