Life Changes

I decided that my office should be a real office since I am doing so much work with managing my mother’s finances as well as making attempts to keep my own life afloat.

After asking for help from hubby the other day, he proudly proclaimed to be too busy to help me rearrange my office so here I am, sitting in the middle of this mess, about to take the bulls by the horn and begin unplugging things.

That’s when things get scary — when you start unplugging cables.  Will those cables ever see their home again, or will I forever find myself without audio, or left speaker?  Or without Internet, or will my backup hard drives dislike moving and crash on me?  Or will everyone rebel against me and start an electrical fire?  Better yet, will all of the turmoil cause all of my piles of bills and paperwork and files to walk away from me or rearrange themselves gleefully?  Will my one printout with passwords sneak away and go hide someplace, never to be found until one day as we’re cleaning the house getting ready to sell it, 20 years from now?

These are the important questions of the day as I sit here, the boxes and clothes and junk I had put in here to make my bedroom pristine now are piled back into the bedroom.  What will that do to my yoga and meditation?

Life as I know it will change in a sec :p

Life Changes

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