Find Community In WordPress

I’ve fallen in love with my fellow WordPress bloggers!  I think it began happening when I decided to read my WordPress reader and see what sorts of things were showing up there.  Then I did a couple of the Daily Post Daily Prompts and bingo, I’m a part of what seems like a huge community!

When I’m meditating, I use Buddhist prayer beads.  I like the noise of the beads making soft clinking sounds as I move them between my fingers.  At the end of my meditations, I hold my beads up, and bow my head.  I imagine everyone around the world praying for each other and for me, and I in turn receiving everyone’s prayers and praying for them and for the world.

Intellectually I know that there are a LOT of people in the world.  Physically I don’t see them, being quite content sitting in my own little introverted world and saying an occasional hello to a neighbor.

But this WordPress thing is intriguing.  Because it’s as though the millions of people I imagine in my prayers are coming to life — not as pristine spiritual holier-than-thou-with-an-agenda figures of humanity, but as real, living, breathing humans with faults, screaming temper tantrums, psychotic fits, silliness, and sinful impurities.  No different than me.  I feel very bonded to this group of people, all finding their ways of expressing their lives through words and pictures.  I will never find a resolution or a purpose for my own life without my written words, so somehow it feels good to have a like-minded community of people who quietly sit inside my computer, undemanding, and occasionally we touch each other through our fingers.

Find Community In WordPress

2 thoughts on “Find Community In WordPress

  1. I think you hit it on the head with the word ‘community’. That denotes the deep and direct connection we have with one another; a commonality that we all share from all over the world and bringing us together as if we were neighbors visiting each other on a regular basis. Please pour me another cup of tea 😉


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