Daily Prompt: How a Recluse Gets Through Halloween

Trick or Trick

Daily Prompt:  It’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

First of all let me say that the entire concept of spending my night opening my door to people dressed as Jason for the sole purpose of blackmailing me for candy is simply over the top of my coping abilities as a confirmed recluse and introvert.  Shouldn’t the mere threat of trick be enough?

Nevertheless, for the purposes of this exercise, let’s say one Halloween I don’t do my typical thing of turning off all of my house and driveway lights and sit in a closet with my computer tablet playing Netflix quietly and cellphone’s dial pad pre-set to 911, cringing at every doorbell chime.  And let’s say I don’t do what I used to do before I got smart:  I used to go out and get the absolute worst candy in the world — those peanut butter roll thingies, and toss one in each bag.  You never run out of those, because no kid in their right mind would come back for more of those.

Let’s say I actually did what normal people do and go out and buy a bag of skittles and let the kids dig out all they wanted, and let’s say I resisted the urge when I ran out to grab wrinkly 3-year-old Designer Whey Protein Bars and Power Bars from the kitchen cupboard to make up for the loss.

…But then again, why the fuck would I be stupid enough to open my door to these little monsters and admit I have no candy?

I don’t get the question :p

Daily Prompt: How a Recluse Gets Through Halloween

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