Daily Prompt: I Was a Breast Cancer Experiment

Bad Signal

Daily Prompt:  Someone’s left you a voicemail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?

He lifted his finger, quivering, to his aide.  His hands were the last part of his body to function. She dialed the number, listened, and then nodded.  Wiping drool from the side of his mouth, she put the phone to his ear and he began talking, in a drone, as though from memory.  He spoke in streams of breath, taking long pauses when the oxygen from his tube was replenishing his lungs.

“A few years, I began working on a secret project.  You don’t need to know who directed or funded this project.  The surgeries to remove your breasts, lymph nodes, reproductive system, the stem cell transplant, and the 9 months of various chemotherapeutic drugs we injected into your system were all part an experiment to supplement the search for a cure for breast cancer.  You see, we didn’t have enough test cases for our procedures so we picked a group of the healthiest people we could find who had questionable mammograms and created a cancer portfolio for them.  Every test, treatment, and operative procedure were part of our data collections to see how much toxicity the human body can withstand.  Even your reconstructive surgery which went so wrong and caused you so much pain was done to see how much pressure the ribs can take before they collapse the heart.

Anyway, the short story is, you never had cancer to begin with.  The funny thing is, it is me, now, who is sick.  I have been diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS.  I know this doesn’t at all make up or excuse me for what I’ve done to you.  It is my last attempt to redeem my life before my Savior before I die.

I’m sorry.  I should’ve told you months ago when I could do it in person.  Bye.”

Tears rolled down his face and he closed his eyes.  That was enough for now.

Daily Prompt: I Was a Breast Cancer Experiment

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