Daily Prompt: Pot and Ativan, a Marriage Made in Heaven

Ready, Set, Done!

Daily Prompt:  Our ten-minute free-write is back for another round! Tap away on whatever comes to mind, no filters attached. (Feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Purple pill, orange pill, white pill, and coffee drunk, i am ready for my free-write.  I am trying to think about what to write about that is not too well, off limits you see.  I have so much crap in my mind that needs to be filtered out it takes me a long time to write stuff that seems acceptable.  Even, if you’ve read my writings, it’s barely acceptable as far as being cute and something you could take to a party and read without everyone making squinty eyes as you.  So I need to come up with something sort of normalish and not too off the wall and disgusting, because I don’t have my 1/2 hour to dwell over what to write about.  So let’s see.  I’ll think about something girly to write about.

The flowers are beautiful, well they were beautiful when they were alive.  Now they’re dead.  Hm.  The air in my office is soft and the office is dark and serene.  The only thing cutting through the serenity is the millions of notes and to-do’s hanging on my white board and the smell of wet dog as my doggy noses me, wanting me to hurry hurry hurry and finish my writing and then hurry up with that meditation and let’s get to doing stuff together!!  Going out with Daddy in the morning is just poop and then run back in.  His REAL morning is the time he spends with Mommy, waiting in the car while she shops or does her errands, or runs the track and then taking long leisurely walks while she listens to an audible book on end of life issues by Atul Gawande (“Being Mortal”).  I don’t know why I’m listening to the book except it’s something Hubby just listened to recently, but it always leaves me feeling very down and full of sorrow.  I am meditating many many times a day now.  Whenever I have a free moment I meditate.  I take Ativan in the afternoons and discovered pot and Ativan are a marriage made in heaven.  The Ativan takes the edge off of the pot and the pot takes the sleepiness off of the Ativan.  It is medically-approved marijuana.  I still have issues with why marijuana can’t be made legal, either over-the-counter or preferably as a drug just like any other drug.  Then the medical establishment would know more about just what’s happening inside my body when I use it.  Instead, it’s trial and error.  Funny at how we live in such an “advanced” society and yet we’re so backwards in many ways.  It’s because of our imperfectness as people.  Politics.  The end.

Daily Prompt: Pot and Ativan, a Marriage Made in Heaven

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