Hiking, Mother Nature, Photography and Pot

Today, in celebration of *now* having a Daily Prompt (!!!!) I will make up something to say *in addition* :p

Tomorrow I will get the exciting experience of joining a medical marijuana dispensary.  It will entail getting educated on marijuana strains and matching them up to my problems to find a good match.  I think it might touch on different ways of dispensing it too.  Right now I’ve been smoking from a water bong.  I have something that vaporizes the weed, but it uses 5-6 times more, and I’m currently working on scraps that I’ve had to beg for from a friend of a friend.  Once I have the pot, I’m legal.  Getting it from anywhere except dispensary, of which there are none in Massachusetts at the moment, is illegal.  Go figure.  That means unless I’m willing to beg this guy to break the law for me again, I don’t have any more left unless I drive across the state lines and buy it legally.  I’m certified in both states.

The vaporizer provides a very mild vapor to inhale which doesn’t choke you at all, and it extracts a good portion of the THC, the stuff that gets you high, so it’s a much higher quality experience as far as providing me what I need from it without the weird edgy feeling.  I just can’t use it until I can spare more weed.  Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow.

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking my camera with me every day.  When the dog’s with me, he insists on cutting the hike short and going home once we’ve walked around the hill.  Today will be a special day because hubby gave pup a good long walk and I can leave doggy at home free of guilt, and hike and shoot photos as long as I want.  At the far side of my trail are some brooks which always have something interesting to offer photographically.  This is the part I miss when doggy comes with me.  I can let him run home, but then I have to worry that someone will catch him thinking he’s lost, and then I have to chase him down.  If people would just leave him alone, he would go home and wait for me, he knows the trails inside and out.  But because I don’t want people to be dragging him across the neighborhood and making me go get him, I always go back home with him and skip the brooks.

What luck that I have a house right next to miles of conservation land.  I can get so wasted I can hardly walk, and stumble through the woods staring at logs and searching for light patterns.  I hardly ever see anyone, so it’s as though this were my own special place to commune with the earth.  The world is getting bleaker and bleaker as more rain, snow, and cold air hit us.  Usually at this time of the year I don’t want to go out, and so many times that’s what triggers my pain regressions.  So far I’ve made it out every day rain or shine, thanks to the goodness of pot, motivating me to see the potential in photographing the world of New England in the winter.  I bundle up so I barely feel the cold or the wind.  The air is clean and fresh and everything takes winter in stride, well aware of the cycles of Mother Nature.


It’s fascinating walking the same path every day.  Some days I see things I’ve liked and photographed before and take more photographs from different perspectives.  I also see things that make me think “oh, there’s a shot…  oh wait, I already took it and it didn’t turn out as interesting”.  So I find myself being able to walk faster and spot new stuff or new angles easier.

From my office windows, today looks bleak and overcast and windy.  Let’s see what sort of pictures I get.

Hiking, Mother Nature, Photography and Pot

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