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Daily Prompt:  What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

Blogging gives me a much-needed social group.  Writing is my most comfortable form of communication.  Being an introvert, it keeps people out of my house, doesn’t require cooking, cleaning, or entertaining anyone, and it doesn’t require verbal conversational skills which are stressful for me.  I can sit where I feel safe, and I can present my life in all of its good-bad-ugly-crazy-pathetic glory.  People read what I write and I’m surprised that I get very little rejection or negative feedback for not being, well, not being perfect in any way.  Even my blog theme is simple and unadorned.  It’s me.  It’s who I am.  And people seem to accept that.  Writers who in real life would never ever give me the time of day are reading and liking my posts, and that makes me feel so good about myself and encouraged to continue.  I like feeling nurtured in this way.

Blogging is putting life back into my life, and that’s a very good thing.  I spend my afternoons reading other peoples responses to the Daily Prompt with fascination.  The Daily Prompt is like getting a daily magazine of short stories, poems, and photographs.  It brings other people’s art into my life which stimulates me.  I like the sense of belonging that I contributed to that day’s Daily Prompt.

I love the Daily Prompt because it exposes me to a wide variety of people, it’s not just one theme.  When I was going through cancer treatments, I used Livejournal and had a great group of other people going through cancer together, and we supported each other.  That was great.  Now it’s different, though.  I just need to touch the rest of the world and be inspired to be a better writer, photographer, and person.

Daily Prompt Blogging

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Blogging

  1. Yes, I agree, it’s so much easier to write than speak. I’m a shy person and my voice tends to shake when talking to strangers. The best part, I don’t have to look at people.


  2. Really enjoyed this, it is how I feel as well, I am finding that with writing every day I am finding group situations and small talk more and more stressful, I would prefer to be left alone to take some photographs and be left in my own world, I find writing much easier than talking.


  3. (I’d saved this page to read your response, n i’m glad i didn’t get lazy n close out all the tabs, for i would have missed this! 🙂 ….)
    I think letting people into your life in ANY way, despite your vulnerability, STILL makes you amicable and social. So i think this is a WONDERFUL way of getting a peek into who you REALLY are.
    Here’s wishing u all the luck on writing! *clinks glasses!*


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