Daily Prompt: My Closet and my Dog


Daily Prompt:  A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

I have a walk-in closet.  It’s nothing fancy, just a tiny room, maybe 10’x10′, with a window and a door.  I threw my meditation mat with pillows, cushions, and a fuzzy dog blanket on top and it’s my doggy’s haven.  I have a little sitting meditation cushion next to his bed, and this is where I go when I need to feel safe.  I stop in here 2-3 times a day and do my sitting meditation.  Dog snores are my background music.  My yoga spot is just outside this closet, so I pop into the closet after yoga to meditate.

Lately I’ve been practicing bring meditation into the rest of my house, and not just my cushion and bed.  I read last night in a book I’m reading (Waking Up to What You Do by Diane Rizzetto) that if you just practice 5 minutes of doing nothing but watching your breath throughout the day you can make a profound change in your life.  So that is my goal, to add to my practice by interspersing 5 minute watching-my-breath sessions while I’m doing things like sitting at my computer.  My entire house is quiet.  Hubby is usually not home, and when he is, we spend most of our days doing our own things except when we eat or are gaming or when he stops in my office to tell me something about his day.  So bringing my meditation practice out of the closet and making my entire house my sanctuary Is really a natural thing.

There’s also an incredible sanctuary I have outdoors.  There are regular neighbors I see on the trails occasionally, but for the most part I have the entire conservation area to myself and Pup, and it’s peaceful.  There is a Llama and sheep farm at the bottom of my hill, and when they are out they are always a calming sight.  Even my neighborhood is peaceful and country like and when the weather is nice I walk the streets.

My ultimate sanctuary is wherever my dog is.  When I have to travel the homesickness of being away from my dog and my house tears me apart.

Daily Prompt: My Closet and my Dog

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Closet and my Dog

  1. johanna buchanan says:

    That’s a coincidence. I am introducing that watching the breath exercise into my day – sometimes when I’m looking at tv. or stopped at red traffic lights. Good luck with your experiment.


  2. I have been wanting to create a dedicated meditation spot in my home for a while now, it sounds so nice! I just did a yoga class called irest today, much like yoga nidra, it revolves around stillness and breath focused meditation. It is amazing what 30mins of this will do!


    1. That is interesting looking. I’ll have to keep an eye out for one. The meditation spot is very nice. Hubby is trained now that when I’m in there he’s not to come looking for me 😀


  3. Reading about your medi-closet right after your blog on pot smoking I got the impression that you found life way beyond your understanding but that you desperately needed to understand why you are the person you are, and indeed whether you’ll always be that person even after this life on earth. Well I can empathise deeply with this because I do exactly the same except that I am a practising Catholic and my meditation is in the form of my daily prayers – 15 minutes on average each night and morning. Going to Mass is my marijuana, to carry the comparison further, and believing in God and a life in Heaven for eternity satisfies my, and I suspect your, numinous yearning to make sense of why you exist at all. It is a fascinating comparison because it could be extended to include every type of human attempt to rationalise their journey through life. I cannot bring myself to judge or criticise others because I have no right to. But helping people to be healthy, happy and feel fulfilled is surely the main thing we should all aim to do. Keep writing , you’re really interesting to follow. Cheers. Anton.
    ps: I wish your dog could talk 🙂

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  4. I deeply desire the sort of spirituality you have. That’s why I read your blog, to learn about you and your spirituality. I’ve been chasing Christianity for my entire adult life, though, and it doesn’t seem to be my path as much as I’d love to replace my dear imaginary friend Krishna with some sort of God I believe in. Maybe my path will come to me as I continue to keep my searching.


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