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Daily Prompt:  If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick

Over the summer my mother was in the hospital, and for two months I visited her there every day.  It was very sad, making the same trip over and over, trying to encourage her to move her right arm, the stress of caretakers who were not knowing how to walk her or being sloppy with standing her up or taking care of her.  The front of the hospital had a smoke stench, I think from the valets.  My brother thought it was a smell of the furniture getting old.

Over all of this joyless period, a man would appear a couple of times a week and play the piano in the front lobby.  He wasn’t an employee, he was just someone who lived nearby, I guess, who played the piano.  I’d stop and listen to him and talk with other people listening.  He gave us a breath of fresh air and maybe the one thing in our day that made us tap our feet.  It was wonderful.

If I could pick one skill in the world, I’d pick playing an instrument.  Music expresses so much.  It evokes laughter, smiles, tears, anger.  It’s powerful in its expression.  I occasionally meditate to music because I like the places it takes me.  I would love just being able to sit at a piano and play jazz or something soft and romantic by ear without the need for sheet music.  Just play notes and let it drift wherever my hands take it.  How terribly cool would that be?  It would be nice if I could sing too but would it be too greedy to ask for two things?

Daily Prompt Music

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Music

  1. Interesting. You’re right about the power of music. A tremendous force of the universe! Love hearing about the man playing piano at the hospital. Heartwarming when people have the kindness to go play at hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, etc. The elderly and invalids benefit so much. I used to work in an assisted living facility and saw how popular the music and singing events were. Really touching to watch the elderly joining in, singing along in song from their era, clapping their hands. Blessings to that piano man at your mom’s hospital!

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