Daily Prompt – Take Two

Bone of Contention

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to do that.

Ok, the Daily Prompt is all about writing the OPPOSING argument, so I had to rewrite this a little.  Oh well, it’s still a bit screwed up.  I’ve had enough of fretting over it.

Post-post reflection.  It wasn’t hard, especially when I had all of the pro arguments already written.

Pro:  The adoption of rescue dogs and more importantly the acknowledgement of mutts as, yes, real dogs with just as much love and devotion to give as any other dog except with significantly better health prospects (Although my mutt immediately cost us about $1000 in bone marrow and other tests before they finally realized the poor little thing was just infected with a tick-borne illness called erlichiosis that required a $3 antibiotic.  My purebred lab had no health issues until he got old — so maybe not so much on the health part.).  Also, puppy mills don’t specialize in mix breeds except for designer dogs which are a separate debate altogether.

Con: I want to predict the looks and behaviors of my dog and therefore want a purebred.  I want to show my dog and therefore need a purebred.  Everybody else orders their puppies off the Internet, I don’t see how a million other people could be wrong ordering their dogs from the Internet.  I don’t think Internet doggies are from puppy mills, they’re from nice homes, I saw the pictures.

Pro: The legalization of medical marijuana.  I wish our knee-jerk society could have approached this with a calmer attitude and given medical marijuana its just due as a credible medication and tested it, rated it, and then standardized the drug content and measurements and then offered it as a prescription drug just like any other prescription drug.  The legalization of recreational pot is fine with me since I feel that I need it medically,  Legal pot has a long way to go, though, to get past this feeling you’re walking into some kind of special candy store and all of the containers are labelled with candy names but no other information about what distinguishes each container from the other.  It’s a bit crazy right now and due for massive changes in the way the regulatory agencies are handling this.  And why is it easier for me to get Percocet (which nearly killed me at least twice) than my medical marijuana certification (which has had no untoward affect on me after smoking it regularly for a couple of months now).

Con:  Marijuana has been around for a long time and should be legalized asap.  ASAP!!!!

Pro: Gay marriage.  I know people well enough to know that there’s no such thing as straight and gay.  We’re all different mixtures of those characteristics.  So again, stop with the knee jerk reactions against gay marriage.  No, you don’t know what God says about it, the Bible is there to help us become better people not to go around damning others to hell for being courageous enough to admit that they’re gay.  Really, it’s no one else’s business whether you’re gay or not.  It should never have been an issue.

Con:  God said that gay people will go to Hell so yes, they are the exception to the rule.  Everyone who accepts Jesus Christ into their hearts will go to Heaven… except gays, of course.  Possibly murderers, dunno about that one.

Pro:  I care deeply about lots of other issues too, like, why do we need to hire people to do our taxes.  Now, instead of paying the government $1000 we now have to pay $1250, because it took us $250 to get someone to go through the massive cryptic number crunching to fill out the proper forms.  Self-doing taxes is out of the reach of most of the population.  Why oh why oh why do taxes need to be so complicated?  I had to get 5 different special tax ID’s in order to hire a couple of college kids to sit with my mother.  Plus Worker’s Comp, plus pay their SS, unemployment, and a number of other things.  I would never have known all of the paperwork I had to get filled out to do this if it weren’t for the payroll company I was using.  And now I don’t wonder why people get arrested for paying people under the table as caretakers.  The government makes it way too easy to want say “screw that shit”.

Con:  You break the law, you go to jail.  End of argument.  I don’t give a rat’s ass if it was hiring 2 college girls for your 90-year-old mother, YOU BROKE THE LAW, ASSHOLE!

Pro:  What else can I rant about.  Restaurant food.  Around where I live, it’s over-salted, overcooked, tastes terrible, and costs twice as much as what Hubby can cook (I don’t do food).  Hubby happily shops, cooks, and then washes up afterwards.  What more can I ask for.

Con:  Not everyone has a husband who will shop, cook, and clean up.  Get real.

Daily Prompt – Take Two

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