Daily Prompt Enlightenment

Brain Power

Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Ok, let’s assume this (Since this Daily Prompt is late and now I’m stoned so I’m agreeable to anything :p).

I think the first thing I would do with 90% more brain power is to meditate and meditate and meditate.  At some point I will decide whether it would lead to some sort of accelerated state of enlightenment.

Since this is not supposed to be a novel, we won’t go down the path where this is not true.  I mean, it would be also cool to be a real artist too.

Anyway, I’m now enlightened.  That means a greater amount of gratitude and a greater amount of servitude has blossomed within me.  I would probably go down to my local senior citizen center and volunteer.

Whenever a beggar stopped me in the street I’d reach into my purse and pull out a $10 bill for him or her.

I’d fall deeply in love with my family and travel to Colorado and visit my mother, and I’d spend more time visiting my beloved mother-in-law and not worry a twit about the bills that would pile up on my desk and not have anxiety-induced back pain ever again.  In fact I would never get stressed out about anything at all ever again.

I’d repaint the rooms in my house and clean it up, having developed in my enlightened state more respect for my living quarters.

I’d learn to cook, since I would consider my body a temple.

I’d probably be off all of my meds and pot smoking.  My inner awareness would probably give me a better mind/body connection and make me a better runner and I would probably train for a marathon.

Daily Prompt Enlightenment

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Enlightenment

    1. I might be able to. But right now my goal is to free myself and meditate and bring some sort of peace of mind to my life so I can generate that sense of gratitude and servitude and do those things willingly and with joy.

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  1. From a neuroscience perspective, I’ll just point out that we do, in fact, use all of our brains – we just don’t use all the parts of it at the same time, which is why people would get confused when they tried to measure brain activity through snapshots.

    But it’s such a cool idea. And how much of that could we do with just a slightly greater application of the brainpower we’ve already got?

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