Daily Prompt OMG Snow!… I mean, Snake!

Well, to start off with, I had a nice nights sleep, thank you.  I then woke up to text messages from my brother “do you still have electricity?”.  The snow is coming down outside — not big fluffy flakes but little tiny snowflakes that almost look like a misty, white rain.

As I went downstairs I discovered our front door had been snowed in with exactly 3-feet of snow (we measured it later).  My poor mailbox is buried.  Hubby was out back shovelling a narrow walking path to the driveway so we can walk the dog.  There’s no snowshoeing or skiing today, it’s a massive storm that’s only barely started.  We filled the tubs, and I went into the basement and scoured it looking for a camping stove I swear I own.  Next time I go shopping I will get one.  We can survive without a generator, we can’t survive without some sort of heat source, at least for heating up water to drink.

Someone from the neighborhood just sent to the mailing list that their house carbon monoxide detector went off due to their outside heater vents being blocked by snow.  I don’t even know where those are in our house.  I’m due to do the next shovelling duty, so I’ll see if I can find these supposed outside vents.

I love Mother Nature’s assertion that we’re not the owners of this world but mere members of a much larger organism, and ultimately we are not the ones in charge here.

Having said that, though.  THERE IS SNOW ALL OVER THE FREAKIN’ PLACE!  For weeks and weeks we’re going to have humongous snow piles all over the place.  Downtown Boston is going to be a mess, because where does the snow get dumped from the street?  Onto the sidewalks, of course.  There are no sidewalks out here in the country, so we just walk on the streets and pray that passing cars don’t decide to skid out of control and run us over.  The great thing is, though, it’s really easy walking the dog because the height of the plowed snow piles along the street is an automatic deterrent to him peeing and pooping on other peoples lawns.

I wouldn’t put a snowstorm in the ick category.  Maybe if the snow chased all the snakes into the house there would be a serious ick factor.  I’m fairly certain that in India that’s a common occurrence, snakes are so common there.  An Indian work buddy of mine once told me that when he was going to college he exited a doorway to find himself face-to-face with a huge snake.  He said that the snake slithered up the door jamb to eye level, watching him.

In the process of trying to wean myself of my terrible horror and disgust at snakes and all things worm-like, I watch SnakeBytesTV by Brian Barczyk.  Snakes are beautiful creatures and have their own personalities.  Some are very gentle and love people.  They’re not fundamentally aggressive, similar to earth worms, who are also very harmless. with whom I live a tenuous peace.  They stay in the ground making holes and I try very hard to stay out of their way.

I would love to be in the store where this guy Brian films the show and have Brian work with me to touch and hold a snake, he’s such an advocate and lover of snakes.  It takes quite a salesman and lover to make a snake seem appealing.

However, just watching the show doesn’t help me with my fear of snakes, as proven by a small snake I encountered on the trail one day.  He watched me, and I watched him, neither one of us moving.  I had to talk myself into passing him instead of turning around and going back home.  And then I was so freaked out, I couldn’t jog the rest of my run, I had to tiptoe all the way back lest he seek me out and challenge me to another staring contest.

Embrace the Ick
Daily Prompt: Think of something that truly repulses you. Hold that thought until your skin sq
uirms. Now, write a glowing puff piece about its amazing merits.

Daily Prompt OMG Snow!… I mean, Snake!

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt OMG Snow!… I mean, Snake!

  1. SnakeBytes sounds like an interesting show! Might watch it if i had a TV! 🙂 Everyone’s got one Terror Animal. The one that I describe as if you were captured by an enemy and they were after your secrets, all they’d have to do is bring that animal into the room in a cage and you’d spill your guts!! My sister shares your Terror Animal. Mine’s something else. I don’t mind snakes at all … though of course there are limits. I’m not gonna capture rattlers or learn to charm cobras in India!


  2. Dhammic Writer says:

    That’s funny, I love snakes. Whenever a snake gets seen at school (quite a bit), I get called to come and deal with it – which usually means capturing it and releasing it in the forest next to the school. For really venomous ones, I usually get the snake catcher to come and get them. Also, snakes around here (Australia) are much less active in our winter, which is still reasonably warm – I can’t imagine them being active around snow (due to being cold blooded) but I could be wrong.


    1. It’s funny, I used to catch lizards as a child in Okinawa. But after I got older I tried to do it and saw the tail come off (which they do) and got so grossed out I never went after a lizard again. It’s the squirmy stuff that just fills me with — well imaginary worms!


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