Daily Prompt Laughter, Cold, Meditation, Twerking

Daily Prompt: Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It was a cold week.  I put on a pair of snowshoes and trail blazed a path to our oil intake pipe as well as the conservation trail, about 150 yards away.  Luckily someone had already trail blazed the trails, so I helped flatten some of the snowshoe moguls.

White Rabbit

FEED YOUR HEAD!  I know I fed mine.

Return to Pooh Corner

We gamed a lot since Hubby had a lot of snow days this week.  Lots of laughter and playfulness, even though I didn’t go outside and count the clouds.  I would have if it were summer though!

Liz Story Wedding Rain

One of the songs I play when I meditate.  Most of the time I don’t use music, but when I do, it provides a very soothing atmosphere.

Twerk Fire

Talking about fires…  This isn’t a song.  But hey, if my house burnt down, now you know what caused it:  an old Asian lady cannachinnating and twerking to White Rabbit in her sweat pants and hospital socks.

Daily Prompt Laughter, Cold, Meditation, Twerking

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