Life is a River. Go With the Flow.

One of the things I’ve been working on lately is how to live my life intuitively — that is, instead of having a strict I-must-do-this-now and I-must-do-that-now, being able to alter my day and go with the flow.  It’s especially important when Hubby is taking snow days from work.  My gaming time needs to be flexible, because he’s constantly off doing other stuff and maybe he wants to play or maybe he doesn’t.

Meditation, exercise, yoga, and blogging are important to me.  Blogging, meditation, and exercising are no brainers because they are part of my morning routine.  My nightly meditation and yoga are typically no-brainers as well because Hubby goes to bed early, so I have nights to myself.

The rest of my day, though, revolves around when he’s free to game.  If we don’t game, then I fill in the time with more meditating.  Reading inspiring blogs helps put me in the mood for contemplating.

When I find something worth remembering I write it down.  The other day someone quoted a Chinese proverb:  “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.”  I like that.  It means that you can judge your life not based upon the times you screwed up but instead the amount of times you picked yourself up, brushed yourself off, and kept going.

One thing that I can say about myself — and maybe I have my family to thank for it? — is that I’m tough.  Stoic.  I whine and gnash my teeth at my predicament in life, but somehow in spite of doing that, I wake up one day and find myself on the other side, having made it through another crisis.  Why do I survive my crises, and what makes me go on?  I’m like that little energizer bunny.  But it’s not for love of life as much as it’s for the search for the love of life.

Oh, it’s not that I’d rather be alive than dead.  I’d die if I could, I think.  I’ve tried that path several times.  But I’m stuck here on Earth at the moment, and who knows how much time I have left?  I’m not suffering now, I’m basically very happy.  So why not keep pursuing what’s working?

I’ll deal with the whole St. Peter at the gates of Heaven versus the Devil taking me to Hell thing when the time comes.  But for now, I’m all for doing anything in my power to experience joy in where I am now, which is alive and kicking!  Who knows, maybe the REAL question St. Peter asks is “Were you happy?”.

Life is a River. Go With the Flow.

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