Daily Prompt Post-Its

I scratch my head and look around.   “Hm….  what could be the best thing since sliced bread?”

On the white board in front of me is a stack of car payment envelopes.  I make this stack once a year, and use post-it’s to label when each envelope is due “3/4/15” is my next one.  When I get to the second-to-the last envelope I have a different colored post-it telling me “MAKE MORE ENVELOPES!!”.

A pink post-it on my white board also tells me that I have a property tax bill coming up on 4/1/15.

To my left is a post-it that explains the criteria for Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Colorado employees (for Mom’s private caretakers).

I have a post-it on my computer monitor explaining how to make a conference call with my cell phone, along with some other cryptic numbers I’ll never remember.

There is a post-it on the floor in the hallway where it fell off of my door jamb, reminding me to turn off the outside lights before bed.  I wanted to keep the lights on for our driveway plower on a snowy night about a week ago.  I guess I should toss it in the trash can, but it looks happy sitting on top of my pile of dirty clothes.  Who am I to break up that marriage.

Post-its become bookmarks and temporary file tabs.

There are also plastic, colored post-its that can tag stuff more permanently.  I use those to index my manual ledger to my tastes.

When I was about 8 and my brother was about 10, he went through every single book in the house and wrote his name in it.  I’m not quite as bold, but I can understand the urge to scribble, annotate, note, mark, highlight, and index.  Post-its fulfill all of those urges.  I think if post-its were around during my brother’s childhood, he’d probably slap them all over the place with his name scribbled on them.

I buy post-its in bulk at Staples.  No matter where I am in the house I’m only two steps away from a pad of post-its.  Even our grocery list is written on elongated post-its which hang on our fridge.

Ah, yes, post-its.  Life is ordered and good when you have a post-it.

I’m sure I’m not the first person in the world to extoll the virtues of post-its.  The genius that invented them was trying to come up with a better glue.  Instead, he threw pads of post-its on everyone’s desk and started the post-it craze.

With post-its, your entire world can be surrounded by notes, ideas, quotes, storyboards and reminders, all colorfully stuck up on your walls, ready to be rearranged, replaced, transposed, memorized, and mulled over.

I think the world could survive just fine without sliced bread.  Without post-its, though, think of all of the appointments that would be missed, books that would have folded down corners, think of all of the extra scotch tape you’d need, and then the tape marks (did I forget to mention post-its leave no tape marks).  Think of all of the times you’d have to scribble your notes someplace, and then scribble them out when they’re no longer applicable.  That is, if you can remember where you scribbled them.

I’m selling myself on post-its.  I think I’ll give up pot and bask in the wonderfulness of post-its instead.  Alternatively, I could add post-its to my gratitude list today, right underneath (11) pipe cleaners and (12) black cherry yogurt.

Most of us have heard the saying, “That’s the best thing since sliced bread!” What do you think is actually the best thing since sliced bread?

Thanks for the great idea, crazydotcom!
Sliced Bread

Daily Prompt Post-Its

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Post-Its

  1. Dhammic Writer says:

    I probably could use something like Post-its, I definitely need to get more organised. But I’m such a tidy freak I don’t think I could stand them cluttering up my nice, tidy surfaces 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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