Daily Prompt Fantasizing About a Clone

The biggest need I have for a clone right now is so that mothers can get visits.  My clone could visit my mother for a little while, and then take over the bill paying here while I go down and visit my mother-in-law.  If it weren’t for the mothers health issues, I would have said you can keep your clone and I’ll take the $500,000 it took to commission her creation.  However, this would serve a big need and would put me in better steads with both families.

When both of us are at home, we can start making a dent in mundane things such as cleaning the house and washing the clothes.  Should I dream on?

In the realm of all creativity, we would work together.  We would go over things we write and photograph and serve as each others editor and critic.

It would be nice to have someone to channachinnate with.  Hey, my clone can make the 2-hour drive to Maine to replenish my supply of pot, since it’ll be depleting twice as fast.

This winter is driving my neighbors crazy.  Someone just posted that their driveway was plowed in again from the street plows, and he has to shovel a barrier 4 feet high to clear out his driveway… again.

Another person’s car broke down in the middle of a busy street, and she was almost run over by cars who thought it more important to speed past her on an icy road than to stop and make sure they (she and her 10-year-old daughter) were ok.

Many people have ice dams.  Hardware stores are sold out of roof rakes and generators, and contractors are booked up.  The cold and snow aren’t letting up anytime soon either.  We’re under chill warnings right now, and tomorrow we’re getting another 1-2 inches.  We just had a storm in the past day that dropped another 6 inches on us.

Water is dripping into my kitchen window from an ice dam, and another kitchen ceiling leak is coming from the upstairs bathroom.  I can share emptying plastic containers with my clone.

It hasn’t been a good winter for anyone in my town, although I can think of much worse things in life than ice dams and leaks in my house.  As Hubby said yesterday, “At least we don’t have to worry about anything overheating”.

 If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?
Clone Wars

Daily Prompt Fantasizing About a Clone

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Fantasizing About a Clone

  1. We’re pretty cold here in PA, but nowhere near the snow you’re talking about. Supposed to get a couple of snowfalls this week, biggest one in the 3″-5″ range. Take heart! We’re over halfway through February 🙂

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