Daily Prompt Ice Dams and Global Warming

I was telling Hubby that 80% of the people I meet on WordPress are not from New England much less the US.  You all listen compassionately to my ice dam woes, probably not even knowing what an ice dam is.  I doubt if I ever heard of the term ice dam until I moved to Massachusetts — oh…. in 1987 I think it was — almost 30 years ago.  (Wow, I impress myself.)

Although I’d like to change the subject I have a little more woe to heap on you so I can reap your sympathy.  My front foyer is now leaking, and at that same spot in the basement is also a leak.

The contractor knocked a hole in the ceiling yesterday (what’s to knock, he touched it and it all fell down) and discovered that the upstairs toilet gasket has probably lost its seal and thus has been leaking into the kitchen.  The plumber will come (maybe today) and fix it.

He also scraped and hammered and raked the ice dam over the kitchen which stopped all of the leaking that was there and just underneath in the basement.

So I have some recovery in some areas and additional leaks in other areas.  I haven’t checked the weather, but it’s going into the negative double-digits, so warming up is not in sight yet.

Hubby has been keeping himself away, and I can’t carry the outdoor ladder by myself, so I have to wait for him to help me bring the ladder up front to where the foyer and second basement leak are.  If I can get to the roof with the ladder, maybe I can throw calcium chloride tablets in the correct position to get those dams.  Maybe I’ll throw a whole bucket up.  We are expecting ice and snow storms over the weekend.

Some day global warming will hit us, and we’ll turn tropical.  Then the misery of summer will be year-round — hot, humid, and buggy.  We will never see snow again, and I’ll think about how sweet and beautiful snow was… like a whitewash over the world, soft and beautiful and also fraught with danger.  When it disappears, so will the cycles of the season.  Spring is an explosion of color and laughter here as we all begin to come out of our houses into the world again.  Summer spills out with fresh local veggies and fruits.  Fall is spectacular and colorful and filled with new things every day.  All of these things are why I moved to New England 30 years ago.  It will probably not disappear in my lifetime.  When it does it will be very sad, because this is what New England is all about:  the utter, breathtaking beauty of Mother Nature’s work, all year around.

Every year when winter thaws and spring rains turn everything to mud, soaking deep into the ground, I think about the life I had in California where summers are filled with drought and wildfires.  My New England town has a deep sense of preserving habitat and wetlands and controlling population growth.  It makes me sad when I visit places like California where strip malls and cement have taken over where wild trees and plants used to live, and freeways replace hiking trails.  In San Diego, when you take freeway 163 South towards Balboa Park, you look up and say to yourself, “Trees!  How lovely!”  This sight that I see every day in New England is only available in public parks in San Diego.


Yes, indeed, we can dominate over Mother Nature.  We see ourselves as the all-powerful rulers over Earth — the alphas in a world of beaten-down submissive sentient beings.  In the end, who will be the real winner and who will be the real loser?

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

Thanks for the great idea, Veronica!

 Think Global, Act Local

Daily Prompt Ice Dams and Global Warming

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Ice Dams and Global Warming

  1. Dhammic Writer says:

    I live in a sub-tropical climate here – where it’s “hot, humid and buggy” pretty much all year round. Our winters are warmer than lots of people’s summers. But I would like to spend time somewhere where there are four definite seasons – although I’m not sure how I’d cope with the freezing cold of winter, I’ve never really lived anywhere cold.

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