Daily Prompt: Where I Meet Elvis

I’m naked and walking down a street.  It’s not unusual for me to be naked in my dreams.  Hubby, who is a fairly decent dream interpreter, says it’s because I feel vulnerable.

I’ve never been on this street, it’s like one of those cobblestone streets you see on TV in Sherlock Holmes movies, but this street is empty and quiet.  I look around.  There is an old graffiti-covered brick building with three doors in front of me.  The first door has a sign that reads “Taxes” with a radiation symbol on it;  the second “Death”;  and the third door’s sign reads “Home”.

I slowly open the door labelled “Home”.  Inside it’s dark, dank and musty-smelling, like a dungeon.  The door slams behind me before I can change my mind.  There are stone steps winding down, no railing,  and dripping water echoes through what sounds like a huge open space.

I creep down the steps.  It’s dark and I have to feel my way down with both hands on the wall.  The stone is cold and slippery on my feet, and I’m shaking with cold and fear.

After what seems like forever, I reach the bottom of the steps and find myself in about a foot of water.

Right at that moment, as though on queue, the building begins to shake as though an earthquake was happening and I huddle in the dark, afraid to go any further.  Water drips, “plink plink plink”.

As my eyes light-adjust, I see a faint, singular light.  I suppress a scream when I see a man sitting in a rocking chair in the water about 10 feet in front of me, rocking.  Aside from the splashing his chair makes, he is silent.  Empty, glowing eyes stare at me from a face that I could swear looks like Elvis Presley, but with the eerie lighting it’s impossible to tell for sure.

I hear the rocking stop and begin to edge my way along the wall as fast as I can, away from the light.  Elvis rises.  He has no apparent body below his waist.  It’s as though his lower body is made of tar.  “He’s stuck there,” I think.  “He can’t chase me.”

He gets up and begins floating towards me like a ghost, half Elvis Presley and half Tar Lord.  I run screaming, and then the water gets deeper as the building shakes more and more violently.  I keep losing my balance and screaming to get away from him.  I disappear into the darkness of the water, unable to see in front of me or behind me.  His light has faded away.

I’m jolted awake.  My dog has his head on my stomach, and he’s panting and quaking with fear, shaking my entire bed.  Rain falls outside, and icicles crash around my house as they are freed by the relative warmth of the day.  I have to pee.

You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.
Just a Dream

Daily Prompt: Where I Meet Elvis

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