Daily Prompt: Clean My House or Give Up My Pot, Hm

A notebook full of typical blogging entries I think would capture the essence of our current moment well.  They would include pictures of the world and capture the nature of society.  I guess you could put some other miscellaneous things in it as typical demonstrations of everyday life:  aspirin, stamps, letters, a pair of glasses, a toothbrush and dental floss, maybe a computer and mp3 player.

Oh what the hell, I might throw in a couple of joints (of course packaged in air-tight containers) and a lighter.

Heck, if the time capsule were the size of a cave, I’d hire a U-Haul and clean all the junk from my house and get the house cleaned up at the same time.  That would pretty much cover the above list and more treasures like tons of dog stuff, exercise equipment, clothes, shoes, dirty sheets and underwear, my dead car, lots of computer equipment, my old bicycle, rollerblades sans wheels, ice skates, old skis and boots, jars of unsorted coins, dishes and kitchen stuff, and books books books.  I can even throw in a huge bag filled with prescription and nonprescription medications.  Oh what wonderfulness.  One person’s garbage is another’s treasure.

On the other hand, if I were restricted to just a couple of things, I guess a bag of pot with all of the paraphernalia would be my contribution.  That shouldn’t hurt too badly since today I’m driving to Maine to replenish my stash.  Note the hesitation and shaky hands as I part with my paraphernalia.

Speaking of Maine, I will be gone all weekend doing a photo workshop of the Maine coastline.  Have a great weekend everyone!

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?
Time Capsule

Daily Prompt: Clean My House or Give Up My Pot, Hm

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