Daily Prompt: Oh Dammit Do I REALLY Have to be the Go-To Person?!

Dad was always the go-to guy for fixing everything, just short of major construction.  If he didn’t know how to fix something, he’d figure it out.  My older brother is the same way.  My older brother once bought a BMW motorcycle in boxes and reassembled the entire bike, rode it for a while, and then sold it.  He could easily take an entire airplane apart and put it back together again, not missing a single screw.

My younger brother is like Hubby.  They don’t know, and they don’t want to know.  Luckily Hubby doesn’t fly airplanes or ride motorcycles.  I would never allow him to do those things anyway.  He’d kill himself.

You know, I used to ride a motorcycle.  It was a Honda 400cc.  I had it lowered so my feet could touch the ground on both sides, and I added crash bars to the front.  I took motorcycle classes and learned how to ride it.

I bought a bright orange full-body rain suit so I could ride it in the rain and cold and have some visibility to other cars at night, and I even had a Harley Davidson leather jacket, complete with zippers and snaps.  There are few things more exhiliarating in life than riding through the countryside on a motorcycle.  It’s like you’re part of the environment around you.  When it rains, it rains on you too.  When it’s hot, you’re hot too.  It’s like you can reach out and touch the grass, and the air against your body feels magnificent.  It’s like flying.

Back then you didn’t have the luxury of a gas gauge (I don’t know if things are different now).  You rode until your gas ran out, and then you flipped to your alternate tank and got to a gas station.

I remember when I learned about my alternate gas tank.  My gas ran out in the middle of a busy freeway in San Diego.  It was a heavy bike, and I tried pushing it to an exit.  Getting stuck on the road is already a frightening experience for a woman, but getting stuck with a bike is even worse, because rule #1 in biking is that you never leave your motorcycle.

So I waited for a police car to pity me and pull over.  Of course cops are never around when you need one.

After about 30 minutes of sitting there, my mind racing, it occurred to me that I had an alternate gas tank, doh.  I finally flipped it and managed to somehow enter this freeway where cars were barreling down on me from behind a blind curve.

I loved that bike, but unless you do your maintenance checks before every single ride, you don’t belong on a bike, and I hated doing the maintenance checks.  I knew that would come back to bite me some day when I’d get a flat tire or a cable or chain break on the road.  Those are not good things to happen when your life is at stake.

Anyway this is all to avoid answering the prompt because my ire gets worked up on this topic.  I don’t WANT to learn any of this crap.  However, neither does Hubby, so unless I fix things they simply don’t get fixed.

I already know how to fix toilets and have done some very rudimentary electrical work (Have I mentioned I’m a ham radio operator?  I’m not active anymore, but I do know how to use a soldering iron and kinda know what a resistor is.).

I once built a pantry in an apartment long ago and learned some basics about carpentry.  I think I’m covered in that department.

Landscaping — what’s to learn?  Either things grow or they don’t.

I guess that leaves drywall.  Is that how you fix holes in your ceilings?  Good Old Man Winter (Who’s visiting today, by the way.  As sick as I am of winter, he’s left the trees looking like Christmas trees, and they’re beautiful.) and his ice dams have left our ceilings in a mess.  I even found a spot in the corner of our family room that was dripping all winter, and I never even noticed it.


Ok, deep breath.  I didn’t marry my father, and that’s a really good thing, right?

If you could learn a trade — say carpentry, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, plumbing, flooring, drywall — you name it — what skill(s) would you love to have in your back pocket?
If I Had a Hammer

Daily Prompt: Oh Dammit Do I REALLY Have to be the Go-To Person?!

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