Welcome to Spring!

Today I feel like the world is revolving around me!

Yesterday I received one of the very very infrequent “I love you”‘s from my brother.  How sweet to hear him say that to me!  It put a smile on my day that never went away.

Then, last night during my meditation, my mind settled into this place of total safety and acceptance.  I was complete.  I must have sat for 1 1/2 hours or more in this absolutely serene space.

When I walked outside this morning, the lawn was a lush green.  Crocuses and tulips were blooming.  Cherry trees were filled with blossoms.  Spring has exploded into a million different colors.  Nature around me is bursting with excitement!

The sun is grinning down at me from a clear blue sky “Welcome to spring!”

Did my meditation do this miracle?

You know how every once in a blue moon you feel like every single thing in your life is going your way?  Today is one of those days for me.

May everyone be blessed with such a spectacular day as I’m having!

Welcome to Spring!

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