Daily Prompt: Fermented Tofu is Proof of God

Hubby and I used to be regulars at a Thai restaurant that was so spicy, you had to eat your dishes as though they were condiments — lots of rice, and a tiny pinch of whatever the main dish was.  Often you had to salt your tongue or drown the fire in cold beer.

That was the spiciest food I’ve ever eaten.  Let me clarify that.  Anyone can make anything spicy, just toss in a ton of habanero sauce.  But I don’t consider that kind of cooking food.  It’s just hot for the sake of being hot.  You may as well drink the habanero sauce plain.  To make a really spicy dish where the flavors are enhanced by the spices is an art.

Speaking of habaneros, Hubby once brought home some habanero peppers.  We had no idea what habaneros looked like.  In spite of the label on the package reading “habaneros”, they looked too much like cute little bell peppers to be lethal weapons.  He planned to slice them and put them in our salad.  He took one bite out of one and nearly spilled his guts.  Even his lips got burnt.

Sometimes the cutest foods aren’t all they seem.  One time I was shopping for a contribution to a Buddhist style pot luck.  I found these darling little apples at a farm stand and bought a whole bag.  I proudly showed everyone these rare, cute apples I’d discovered.  They looked at me, and then looked at the apples.  No one said anything for a long time.  Then someone spoke up “Those aren’t apples, they’re crab apples, and they’re inedible.”.  Oh duh, I’m such a dunksy when it comes to food.  Even Buddhists, who are supposed to accept every gift with gratitude, wouldn’t touch my crab apples with a ten-foot pole.  I took them home and tried to make some sort of relish thing with them, and then threw them away.

Oh!  Speaking of cute!  I touched a snake the other day.  Hubby and I were hiking up a mountain with my girlfriend, and she said “there’s a snake!”  I jumped 3 feet in the air and ran screaming while Hubby and she watched me.

“She’s afraid of snakes,” Hubby explained to Girlfriend.

“Oh it’s just a garter snake,” Girlfriend said.  “Completely harmless.  He’s probably more afraid of you than you are of him.”  She showed me the yellow stripe on it that identified it as a garter snake.

We continued on the hike, and at the exact same spot coming down the mountain, she said “Oh, there’s another snake.”  She said it just as though she was pointing out a flower.  After doing my little freak-out running away screaming thing, I came back.  The snake was watching me calmly, its tongue flicking.  I reached out and touched its tail, and it didn’t move a muscle.  It didn’t seem aggressive at all, it just stared at me as though to say “it’s ok, you can touch me”.

I wanted Hubby to pick it up so I could try handling it, but it slithered away when Hubby came close.  I guess it didn’t like men.

I was really proud of myself, though, for even being able to touch it.  You know how there are things in life whose permanence you just take for granted?  Like my fear of snakes.  I’ve always assumed that the huge fear within me for snakes was an absolute condition in my life that would never change.  And now my darling girlfriend and her calm composure has gotten me to be curious about meeting more snakes.  How sweet to know that even I, at 59, am continuing to evolve.

So back to spicy food.  Hubby and I both used to eat more of it.  Hubby used to eat the wasabi off of his sushi dishes with a spoon.  Now we’re more reasonable to our guts.  He still eats spicy dishes, but tones it down.  Spicy dishes go hand in hand with lots of salt, and he has sensitive blood pressure.  My gut has enough problems, I don’t need to add spicy to my issues.

Although I confess to buying a large jar of kimchee yesterday.  Well, heck, I’m Korean-American, and I haven’t had any in ages.  And besides, kimchee goes with everything.

But not like fermented tofu, omg.  I know you know exactly what I mean.  Fermented tofu really does go perfectly with everything.  I’m sure fermented tofu is what the Gods on Mt. Olympus sat around eating right along with their heavenly fruit.  Peanut butter, jelly, green beans, I’m telling you, FERMENTED TOFU GOES WITH EVERYTHING! Fermented tofu is proof that God really does exist!

So, um, the answer to today’s Daily Prompt is “we love them and try to avoid them”.  Dunno what tomorrow has to do with this, what’s happening tomorrow?

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?
Ring of Fire

Daily Prompt: Fermented Tofu is Proof of God

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Fermented Tofu is Proof of God

  1. Dhammic Writer says:

    I love snakes, although I don’t handle venomous snakes (although I did once almost sit on the world’s second most venomous snake) I even think they’re cool.


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