Hiking Mt. Wachusett

Hubby and I hiked up a local ski mountain yesterday, and my body is sore today.  This is the third time we’ve climbed it in the past two weeks.  Our goal is to do this climb twice a week now that ski season is officially over.

It’s not a huge mountain;  just under two hours round trip if you hustle.  In the summertime it’s beautiful when you get to the summit.  There’s an observation deck with benches where you can sit and eat lunch or munch on trail mix and enjoy the sun and refreshing breeze.  On a clear day you can see the Boston skyline.

In June, a ham radio club sets up camp for the annual ham radio contest, Field Day.

I once participated in Field Day when I was active.  It’s always a blast when you have a bunch of antenna-tech-savvy guys set up all of the antennas and equipment for you and all you have to do is sit in front of the mic calling for other contestants to make contact with.  They basically stay up for 48 hours or pull shifts and log as many contacts in as many countries as they can.  Everyone brings food and munchies, and they have a huge potluck plus catered food (restaurants are generous donators).  The whole experience is a nerdy blast.

In the fall, birdwatchers set up fancy binoculars and cameras on the observation deck and log the passing of birds.  Actually, they’re looking for a specific kind, I can’t remember exactly what.  Their data gets logged into a web site, and in that way bird migration is tracked around the world.

All summer long there are fascinating people and dogs who come and go on the summit.  I suppose completing the climb up makes people ultra friendly, although you can drive up too.  We have all kinds of conversations with all sorts of people about every single topic under the sun.

At this time of the year, though, it’s just cold and blustery and miserable up there.  We climb the stairs to the deck just to make the milestone and then we turn right around and head down.  Even now we have to slip and slide across partially snow-covered ski slopes, and some of the trail is pretty muddy.

After we’re done with the climb, we get all chatty with each other and go find some food and ice cream to chow down on.  I love the feeling of finishing a strenuous hike or bike ride.  Refuelling the body afterwards feels like heaven.

I’m really proud of Hubby for being in good shape.  He’s diligent about exercising every day.  He plans to do the Spartan Race the day after we get back from Paris!  I’ve told him I’m not going to drive him.  I know I’m not going to want to do anything but cuddle with my dog and soak in a tub of hot water to help my jet lag.

I’m only so-so supportive of a 70-year-old doing Spartan to begin with.  I know he’s going to injure himself, that’s just silly and scary, especially after two weeks of doing nothing but walking around Paris.  I’m not even talking about it with him, hoping he changes his mind.

Anyway, here it is, 11:30 AM, and I’ve just woken up.  Luckily, no one is around to care.  Retirement does have its privileges.

Hiking Mt. Wachusett

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