Dear Bloggers:

How is everyone today?  Yesterday I had such a beautiful day!  We climbed Wachusett mountain again.  It was about 86 degrees.  The hawks, snakes, and black flies were out in record numbers.  And now the Interpretive walks have begun, and the Interpretive ranger was on the observation deck walking around talking with everyone.  What an absolute sweeheart she was!  She lives the winters in Denmark with her husband, and spends the summers here, doing nature walks and teaching people about the geology, animals, and history of the area.  She showed us pictures of the several hotels that used to house and feed visitors to the summit.

The observation deck was packed people of all ages and nationalities and dogs, all sweaty and basking in the cool breeze, greeting each other and chatting up a storm.

Hubby and I have been talking about how we want to continue learning languages after we’re done with the Paris trip.  Maybe spend a month in France somewhere out in the countryside? — a small village perhaps, doing nothing but speaking French to people and eating baguettes with cheese every morning, sitting under umbrellas with tiny cups of espresso and glasses of country wine…  how absolutely breathtaking that experience would be.

The only problem is the dog.  There are moments when I wish I didn’t have a dog, and this is one of them.  We’d never be able to take a dog to France with us, and he’d never survive a month without us, not to mention the ungodly kennel fees that would rack up.

Oh speaking of THE dog, the other day Pup saved me for the second time.  I took him for a walk that turned out to be much longer than I expected.  I got completely lost on this new trail I was exploring.  I wandered around and around through the thicket trying to find the main trail.  The poor dog was a good sport as he scrambled through the thick brush after me.  I knew that even after I found the trail I’d have no idea where to go, I was so completely turned around.  I got quite panicky.  The same trail a few days earlier dumped me on an obscure street two miles away from home, and I was trying to prevent that from happening again, thus explaining how I got lost.

Out of desperation, I turned to Pup.  “Go home!”  I ordered him.  It’s scary as shit putting my life in my dog’s paws, but I had no choice.  He immediately responded by reverting from follower mode into leader mode, his nose to the ground.  He took me to the main trail, down it a little ways, and then he took a side trail off the main trail, which dropped us into the back yard of a house just down the street from where we live.  How THE HELL did he do that?

He saved me once before like that, when I got us lost on a hiking path by the running track.  He took us from completely lost to where the car was.

A dog’s nose defies logic.  I can’t help but wonder, what else defies logic?  I mean, what does that say about our understanding of how the world works?

I hope everyone has a superior week, defying all logic!




4 thoughts on “A Dog’s Nose DEFIES ALL LOGIC!

  1. Dhammic Writer says:

    Dogs’ noses are amazing. When we go to the beach I’ll throw a rock for my dog and he’ll run around smelling all the rocks until he finds the one with my scent on it. Yet when he sees another dog poo – which I can smell from where I’m standing – he’ll run up and stick his nose right in it? That defies logic.

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