SPP: The Fishing Trip

Photo Credit: Garry Armstrong

Billy didn’t really want to go.  Mom had given them specific instructions.  The pond was off limits.  “We’re going to get into big trouble, Frankie, I’m cold and I wanna go home.”

“Here, take my jacket and hat.  You’ll be fine.”  Frankie picked up his pole again and reeled it in to check the bait.  “Wait… look.”  He held up the end of the pole and turned to show it to Billy.  Something odd was squirming at the end of his pole.

Billy didn’t see it, though.  He was too busy watching yellow glowing leaches crawl up Frankie’s pants.

— 99 words —

Thank you to Marilyn Armstrong for sponsoring Serendipitous Photo Prompt #5 . We are asked to write a story without boundaries to her prompt (or anything else of our own fancy).

SPP: The Fishing Trip

7 thoughts on “SPP: The Fishing Trip

  1. Okay. I love it. You managed to make a Normal Rockwell picture of life in the country into a nice little horror story. Worst of all, given the weird pollution that we’ve had all over the valley … well … let’s not get into that right now. I do love it. Thank you for participating. I’ll never see that picture the same way again !!!

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  2. My son used to spend all his time adding more worms to his hook. I think they fell off when he threw his line in the water. He caught tree branches and one time my sweater, when he fished. He never caught a fish but he still had fun trying and I liked watching him.

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