SPF: The Battle

Photo credit ©A Mixed Bag 2015

Jane rotated the missile launcher.  “Three… two… one…  Now!”

“Roger.”  George pressed the button labelled “Thermobarbaric Vanilla”.  The cone “whoosh”‘d as it passed through the launcher.  It hit the lead enemy robot squarely in the head.

The robot, confused, turned and marched back to the approaching robot army.  Ten seconds later, “splat”, twenty robots were history.”

“At least a thousand left. Steady…” she thought.  “We have one more chance, George.  After this, it’s Suicide Chocolate Fudge time.”

George didn’t answer.

“We’ll try Blunder Buster Strawberry once more, George,” she called down.

“Will do,” George answered.  He pressed buttons on a panel and flipped overhead switches.  “BBS, armed and ready to go.”

She aimed…  “Fire!”

George pressed the red “Fire” button, and a projectile was fired.  A million pink rockets branched off and landed at the far end of the room, creating a million sparkly pink robots.

The army of enemy robots immediately turned towards the pink robots, forgetting all about the Ice Cream truck.

Jane rapped on the roof of the truck, “Ok, George, let’s get out of here.”

George locked up the hatch and drove the truck to the shelf, parking the truck carefully between the dollhouse and the fire engine.

Their work was done for the night.  Morning was coming.

— 216 words —


Photo credit ©Alistair Forbes

Join in the fun and submit your story for the writing challenge hosted by Alistair Forbes. He gives us a photo prompt and approximately 200 words with which to write our flash fiction story with. It’s a lot of fun and addicting! If you would like to participate, click on the image below.

SPF: The Battle

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