Pi&W: The Keeper

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He held the small object in trembling hands. With its dragonscale blade and dark ivory fleur-de-lis handle, it was said to have been carved by the Creator of the Universe to create Earth.

He whispered the sacred words, and the knife transmuted into a beautiful goddess. Tears stung his eyes as he gazed up at her.

“You have done well, Keeper,” she said gently. “Now sleep.”

With a final rattling breath, he died.

Transforming into a brilliant dragon, she rose into the sky and disappeared.

She would seek the next Keeper, born somewhere at that very moment.  Because as long as a Keeper existed, she could protect the Earth.

–111 words–

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Pi&W: The Keeper

10 thoughts on “Pi&W: The Keeper

    1. What’s amazing is how much flash fiction teaches about writing a story. You write 300 words, and then start stripping and then voila, you discover 200 words that you thought were really spectacular were really unnecessary. It’s like unwrapping a Christmas present and trusting the reader’s sense of imagination to fill in the gaps.

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