Home sweet sweet home

I must have outgrown my WordPress Daily Prompt phase.  Every time I go in to see if we’ve received an interesting prompt I end up banging my forehead on my monitor “crap!”.

So now I just need to get things off my chest (what’s left of it) without a prompt.  Hold me steady.

I’m back from Paris, but feeling really brain fried from a week of nonstop people and noise.  Even my writing muse has abandoned me, the week was so frenetic.  It’ll take another day or two more before I’ve recovered my brain enough to get back to my normal blogging routine.  I’m not going to pressure myself, because otherwise I’m just going to write nonsensical stupid stuff.

I’m constantly reminded that as an introvert I am incapable of thinking in front of people.  My daily life is so contemplative that even the few times I go to the grocery store I feel like I’m on overload.  So imagine being in Paris where the air is filled with car fumes, and tourists invade every single nook and cranny (mostly Americans, disappointingly).

We stayed across from the Pantheon, where there was nonstop activity in preparation for the French President’s visit, which was right smack in the middle of our week.  The day of the President’s speech, we were told that if our curtains even twitched, we’d be instantly shot.  As tempting as that was to try, I was saved by our instructor who kindly rescheduled the day so that we’d be gone for the duration of the event.

We had two critique sessions, and my brain was on such overload from jet lag, screwy diet, dehydration, and fatigue, I didn’t even have the energy to do a good job at preparing.  The instructor just looked at my pictures, and I could almost hear her tap her mental chin and think “what can I say that’s positive about this picture, hmmm”.  So she was mostly silent as I presented my photos rather curtly I imagine.  I wasn’t enthusiastic, and I think she wasn’t enthusiastic that I wasn’t enthusiastic.

The good news is, though, now that I’m at home and at peace and putting more time into wandering through my photos, it turns out that some of my pictures are in fact quite wonderful.  I learned a lot from the workshop, especially the beauty of black and white.

Here’s a cool photo that was taken from the top of the Pompideau Center.



Home sweet sweet home

10 thoughts on “Home sweet sweet home

  1. I can assure you, you don’t have to fly to Paris and back to wind up drained, exhausted, with your brain on overload. We seem to have achieved the same state and we hardly had to travel at all! Welcome home. I’m glad you didn’t get shot.

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  2. I’m very behind on reading some of your posts 🙂
    I can empathize with you. I’m an introvert too. Over the years I’ve learned to ‘perform’ like a normal person when I’m in groups to the point where people who don’t know me well don’t believe me when I tell them I’m an introvert. I need a lot of down time to recharge.
    I hope your most recent posts are an indication that you’re back to being you. Otherwise you’re very good at performing too 🙂

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    1. Yeh, I’m back to my own life. I’ll have to do more travelling this summer, which I don’t look forward to, but it’s family stuff. At least I can enjoy the time I have now.

      Thank you for reading, sweetie. Read it any way you want ❤

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