PiaW: The Beauty

—Sculpture by Mark Newman

Had there been whisperings?

Her beauty was beyond description, and eyes followed her wherever she went. At 19 years old, she was at the height of her youth and the unlimited potential of it. The whole world was in her hands.  She seemed so pure and innocent.

She could smell the wild tulips.  They filled her with delight. The breeze felt cool against her skin. She sat back against a tree trunk, raising her face to the sun.  She laughed, a laugh so full of mirth that even the squirrels stopped to smile.

How can it possibly be that this beautiful creature with her entire life ahead of her is now dead from an overdose?

==116 words==

Thank you to Ermiliablog for hosting Picture it & Write.   We are given a photo prompt and asked to write a story or poem.  Everyone is welcome to participate by writing your story and connecting it with the Picture it & Write button below.Photobucket

PiaW: The Beauty

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