SPP: Bewitched, Episode 53921

Photo Credit: Marilyn Armstrong

“Did you see that, Abner?!” Gladys screeched.

“NOW what, Gladys?” Abner took a puff of his pipe, not looking up from his book.

“That bright light! Are you blind?” Gladys turned to Abner as he looked over his glasses at her. “I tell you something is going on in that Stephens’ house, Abner, I just KNOW it!”

“Gladys, for once in your life, can you PLEASE mind your own business?” Abner rolled his eyes.

“Well!”  Gladys huffed.  “I’ll just go clean up in the kitchen then.”

Abner nodded and continued reading and puffing.


Abner, sighing, put down his book and went into the kitchen, “What now Glady…” He stopped and looked around at an empty kitchen. “…Gladys?” A fly buzzed around the kitchen. “Another damned fly,” Abner grumbled as he reached for the fly swatter.

“Aabbbnneeerr, don’t! It’s ME!!!!” Gladys buzzed.

== 142 words ==

Thank you to Marilyn Armstrong for sponsoring SERENDIPITY PHOTO PROMPT 2015-10: A HOUSEWIFE’S LAMENT . We are asked to write a story without boundaries to her prompt(s) (or anything else of our own fancy) and post a link to our story here.

SPP: Bewitched, Episode 53921

7 thoughts on “SPP: Bewitched, Episode 53921

  1. The Fly — reborn as Gladys? I can think of a few people I wouldn’t mind swatting! Right now around here, it’s ant season and the buggers are speed demons. We used to be able to catch them, but now they whizz right by us. Apparently word is out … Great piece, especially considering we have a whole bug thing going on around here. Thanks for contributing. I love your little stories.

    Liked by 1 person

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