PiaW: Hell

Photo Credit: Unknown

He peeked out his window. Everyone had warned him not to do it, but his curiosity about the scurrying sounds got the best of him. Feet scampered and wings flapped in the alleyway.

Before he knew it, claws were grabbing him, and he was plunging, plunging, into pure darkness and evil. His breath caught in his throat. Red eyes and cold, wet, unearthly bodies were all around him as he fell.

He couldn’t hear a woman scream and the window slam behind him. “I told him not to look out,” a woman sobbed. “But I couldn’t explain why. After all, what would a 4-year-old child know about hell?”

== 110 words ==

Thank you to Ermiliablog for hosting Picture it & Write. We are given a photo prompt and asked to write a story or poem. Everyone is welcome to participate by writing your story and connecting it with the Picture it & Write button below.Photobucket

PiaW: Hell

15 thoughts on “PiaW: Hell

    1. Actually, I write and write and think about the photo until a micro-story pops out. I have to have some sort of satisfying ending or the story won’t work. Sometimes the stories are creepy, though, due to my love of horror films.


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