JWC: The Final Battle

British and American soldiers on D-Day by Unknown

“Ok, guys, guys listen up.” The guys hopped to attention. “Robbie, Frank, and Joe, you guys take the right flank. Sam, Little Joe, and Jeff, you’re the left flank. The rest of us charge up the middle, Zebra-three formation, got it? This is our last chance. They outnumber us by four to one, it’s all over after this. So let’s give this the best we have!”

There was a chorus of “Aye aye, Captain!” as they saluted him.

He looked around, lips pursed, and took a deep, shaky breath, his eyes glistening. “You’re the bravest men I’ve ever known and it’s been a great honor.” His eyes scanned them and made eye contact with each man. “Ok! Get ready… in ten seconds…”

“Captain sir?” George stepped forward.

“What is it George?”

“Can I have more paintballs?”

== 145 words ==

Thanks to Jez Farmer for Jeremy’s Weekly Challenge. Jez provides us with photo, quote, and word prompts and asks us for 200-word-count flash fiction or poetry between 14 and 20 lines. Everyone is invited to participate. Just click on the blue froggy to add a link to your piece (or add a link to your piece here).

JWC: The Final Battle

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