SPP: The Evil Fairy

“Ok, guys, let’s try what we did last time except I’ll carry the bomb,” Susan said, watching the Evil Fairy Boss standing in front of them. The fairies were beautiful, but cumbersome to fly, and took some tricky control work.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Armstrong

“Okey dokey, Susan.” Bruce pressed some buttons on the panel in front of him.

Susan flew over and scooped the red bomb into her wings, carefully stabilizing herself before coming back to the group.

“Now! Stay together, stay together!” Susan commanded.

They shot projectiles at the Evil Fairy Boss , keeping their distance, while Susan flung the bomb from the back.

The bomb exploded into beautiful colors with a “Kaboom!” The Evil Fairy Boss was history as it staggered a bit and then fell with a “splat”.

“Good job, guys. I’d better get the kids to bed. Night.”

“Night. I have work tomorrow, so I’d better sign off too,” Bruce said, yawning.

“We’ll all meet here again tomorrow night? Let’s use the fire-breathing dragon mounts tomorrow.”

“Sure. Until tomorrow, everyone.”

== 170 words ==

Thank you to Marilyn Armstrong for sponsoring SERENDIPITY PHOTO PROMPT 2015 #11 ā€“ LITTLE GREEN BUG . We are asked to write a story without boundaries to her prompt(s) (or anything else of our own fancy) and post a link to our story here.

SPP: The Evil Fairy

3 thoughts on “SPP: The Evil Fairy

  1. You know, oddly enough, I thought of something along the same lines. It was because the little bug was so green … so … well … green. With wings. Much less disgusting than most of the bugs that live around here and definitely not poisonous.

    You have taken this this to new heights and I cannot begin to express me delight in your stories. Anytime you need a picture for any reason, I have 100,000 or so and you are welcome to any of them, any old time šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that little green bug really looks like he’s on a mission. I wanted to use him more in the story, but left it at what came out. Thank you so much! Who knows, I may take you up on your offer some day!


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