JWS: The Painting

The painter had provided her with a portal so she could come back to the physical world, but he made it very clear that this special painting would only last till nightfall, and then it would disappear.  It was a gateway into her imagination.  She climbed through the portal and spent the day in the painting, wandering through her stories, dreams, and fantasies.

Night was closing in now, though.  She’d forgotten all about the time.

She raced her way through the woods. Darkness was coming. The trees reached out to grab her with long, shadowy arms. She could see the portal in front of her. She had only seconds. The entire world was beginning to melt. She raced… and raced, her breath wheezing and her feet stumbling. The ground began to ooze. Poison flew through the air.

Winter Morning Light on Parkmill by Emma Cownie

At the very instant she jumped through the yellow flaming portal, evening turned.  The portal closed, and the world disappeared.  She found herself on the floor in the painter’s studio panting and laughing.  She’d finally met her muse.

== 175 words ==

Thanks to Jez Farmer for Jeremy’s Weekly Challenge. Jez provides us with photo, quote, and word prompts and asks us for 200-word-count flash fiction or poetry between 14 and 20 lines. Everyone is invited to participate. Just click on the blue froggy to add a link to your piece and here.

JWS: The Painting

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