MLMM: The Thinker

Image © Michael Grogan – Innsbruck Austria

Overnight some bizarre joker made a living statue out of me and planted me in the middle of the shopping thoroughfare. So here I sit, watching two women circling me, scratching their chins.

“Clever statue. He looks like he’s sitting on a toilet. Pondering?” Susan wonders.

“It’s art,” Melissa shrugs, “who knows.”

“Taking a shit maybe.” Susan muses, peeking underneath. I grimace inside.

“Hmm… ”

“Let’s give him a name. We’ll call him ‘The Thinker’!” Susan’s eyes light at her own brilliance.

I like that. “The Thinker”. Now if someone will only help me think my way out of this situation…

== 100 words ==

Thanks to Summerstommy2 for hosting Tale Weaver 19 – Locked In. This week we’re asked to write a tale or poem based upon being a living statue in the middle of a busy street.

When you’re done, TAG your post: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Tale Weaver, and add your link to the MLMM Image Below. And don’t forget to copy your post’s URL into this post. We can read your post sooner that way.

MLMM: The Thinker

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