SPP: Solitude

Photo Credit: Marilyn Armstrong

She watched him from the porch. He seemed so harmless and friendly, walking on the beach. She hadn’t told him about her abortion. He would beat the shit out of her if she did, she knew. She felt safe when she could see him out there, and not inside where he could watch her every move.

He always liked to swim far out. The drug she gave him should be starting to take effect in about 20 minutes. If timed well, he could be far from shore before he stopped breathing.

She put her chin on the windowsill and contemplated the scene… how serene and beautiful he looked. Yes, she did love him. But he was dangerous. Sometimes she deserved all of the beatings he gave her, sometimes she asked for them. She disgusted herself. She took another drink of the wine, and continued with her crocheting. She put it down when she saw him go into the water.

== 159 words ==

Thank you to Marilyn Armstrong for sponsoring SERENDIPITY PHOTO PROMPT 2015 #12 – EARLY . We are asked to write a story without boundaries to her prompt(s) (or anything else of our own fancy) and post a link to our story here.

SPP: Solitude

10 thoughts on “SPP: Solitude

  1. Ah, the nearly perfect crime. I hope it’s one of those drugs that disappears before the autopsy gnomes get hold of the corpse. I used to favor ground glass, but these days, what with poisons so readily available, why take the risk. Good one 🙂

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    1. Yeh, I tried googling to see if I could come up with the best answer for that, but couldn’t find anything satisfactory. Now my google search is filled with things like “how to make a bomb” and “what poison makes a person stop breathing”. If the FBI ever searches my computer whatever it is they think I did, now they have evidence (as long as it’s bomb or murder related) :p

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  2. Actually I think there is a way for her to drug him and the autopsy people won’t find out. I’ve seen it in TV shows where the victims are drugged by high doses of substances our bodies typically produce like insulin or something. Those things don’t normally classified as drugs but at heavy amounts, they do kill.

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  3. FCM says:

    Sad part of this story is I know a woman who attempted to kill her abusive alcoholic husband with frequent doses of mercury in his food. It didn’t work or she gave up too soon. He died of liver damage eventually anyway.

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