PIaW: The Keepers

—dragon eye of indigo blue (by paloetic)

The dragon emerged from the cave and flew to the old sage who sat on the edge of the cliff. “Where to now?” The dragon mind-whispered to him.

“Let’s go home.” He mind-whispered back to the dragon.

The beautiful dragon crouched, and the ragged sage climbed up onto her back. She flew up and into the far reaches of the Universe, to a tiny planet. On that planet was a huge, breathtaking castle.

Their work was done for now. They’d gone through Earth and sprinkled it with food and nutrients, rejuvenating the spirits, and now they were back home again.

The beautiful dragon shapechanged into a queen, and the old sage shapechanged into a handsome king. They kissed, “I’ve missed you.” Now they would rest in each other’s arms. They were the Keepers of the Universe.

== 132 words ==

Thank you to Ermiliablog for hosting Picture it & Write. We are given a photo prompt and asked to write a story or poem. Everyone is welcome to participate by writing your story and connecting it with the Picture it & Write button below.Photobucket

PIaW: The Keepers

14 thoughts on “PIaW: The Keepers

    1. I know. I’ve been experimenting with story structure. You’re the first person to notice it. Some have no twist now, and some have the twist in the middle. The danger in reading “how to write” books is that it’s easy to lose your way if you’re trying to write according to someone else’s formula. In order to pick and choose information, though you need more confidence than I have. I don’t want to lose my muse for the sake of abiding by someone else’s rules. However, I do want to know what sorts of structures work best for micro fiction. I’m going through a bit of a quandary in that regard at the moment.


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